Urban and RSMC Negotiations

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Urban and RSMC Negotiations 2015-2016

Canada Post is celebrating almost two decades of profits by trying to extract more concessions from the workers who have made it profitable. What they have handed us simply emphasizes their demands for cutting costs on our backs.

A profitable public service should not be attacking our working standards. They refuse to address the glaring discrepancy between rural and urban mail carriers, and instead seek to divide and conquer us by asking the current generation of postal workers to accept rollbacks for future generations and reduce the quality of life for our children. 

We are more than prepared to be flexible and have been actively proposing ways for Canada Post to adapt to changing times and changing needs. But it looks like Canada Post managers are not interested in allowing the government’s postal review to proceed without interference, and are instead resorting to heavy-handed demands designed to force a labour conflict. 

We will issue a more detailed public response to Canada Post’s demands shortly.