2016: A year of solidarity and action

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Friday January 8 2016

Sisters and Brothers,

2015 was an amazing year.  We helped to defeat Stephen Harper.  We stopped the cuts at Canada Post.  Once again, postal workers can be proud of the role we played in saving the public post office.  But this fight is far from finished. 

2016 will be another pivotal year for postal workers.  We expect the new government to announce a review of Canada Post any day.  We do not yet know what this will look like or how long it will take. But when it’s announced, we must be ready to respond quickly. It’s time to call on all the allies we’ve made in our communities to stand by us. The new government needs to hear our message loud and clear: service expansion, not cuts!  We will work to reverse the cuts, put postal banking on the public agenda, and push for further service expansions too.

2016 brings us the opportunity to right a historic wrong at Canada Post. This is the year we will end the second-class treatment of RSMCs. Their situation is fundamentally unjust and we cannot accept it any longer.  Our union demands equality for RSMCs!

We have unfinished business to settle from the last round of negotiations.  We will fight to get back what the bosses stole from us through threats, intimidation and unjust legislation.

In 2016, postal workers from coast to coast to coast will work together.  We will work together to improve wages and working conditions for all postal workers.  We will work together to secure the future of our public postal service.  And we will fight together to take back our workfloors.

2016 will be a year of solidarity and action.  Happy New Year!

In Solidarity,

Mike Palecek
National President (2015-2019)