National Human Rights Committee

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National Human Rights Committee (2019-2023)

CUPW National Human Rights Committee members (2019-2023)


The mandate of the National Human Rights Committee is to study, report and make recommendations on CUPW’s human rights work.

The Committee is made up of four working groups, representing:

  • workers of colour
  • disabled workers
  • lesbians, gays and transgender people
  • aboriginal people

The National Human Rights Committee consists of one regional representative on each working group, plus all members holding national and regional executive positions or union representatives who belong to one or more groups. It meets twice a year.

Its areas of concern include:

  • the level of participation of workers of colour, disabled workers, aboriginal people and lesbians, gays and transgender people in the union,
  • the situation members of these groups face in the workplace and ways to improve it
  • the education of the membership on equality issues
  • fighting racism, homophobia, transphobia and discrimination against people with disabilities

The Committee’s recommendations and the National Executive Board's responses are reported to each National Convention.

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