Accident Investigation Report

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Wednesday January 28 2004
File 525-051

File 525-051

To All Local Presidents

A new Accident Investigation Report has been developed to assist Local Union Representatives during the accident investigation process, help the Union in gathering complete and accurate accident investigation information, and ensure workers' compensation claims are dealt with fairly. This document is attached and can be downloaded from the National CUPW website.

Canada Post has been making changes in many Locals that reduce the quality of accident investigation information. Examples include not allowing Union Representatives to be present during the completion of the SAIR and injury on duty forms.

These changes have been grieved nationally - National Grievance N00-00-00012. Locals, however, must continue to grieve individual violations; they are strongly encouraged to file grievances under Article 33.06 of the collective agreement concerning any employer interference of this process. Union Representatives have the right to be present, to participate fully in all accident investigations (this includes near misses), and to assist workers in completing all required forms.

The changes will also weaken the efforts of the Union to determine the real causes of injuries, prevent further injuries, and to correct workplace hazards. The outcome of this inferior accident investigation information will lead to more refusals of workers' compensation claims. The Union believes that the employer's primary objective is to get our members back to work on modified duties as quickly as possible and not necessarily respect the health and safety of ill or injured workers.

Please ensure that all Local Health and Safety Representatives and Shop Stewards are provided with this form and use it during all investigations. ( ) This is an internal document and once completed should be kept on file at the Local Union office. The information may be required at a future time.

I thank you in advance for your attention to this very important issue.

In solidarity,
Gayle Bossenberry
National Union Representative - Health and Safety 2002-2008
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