Act Now To Help Grow The Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan

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Thursday November 28 2013

The time has come to ensure workers have more financial security when they retire. An expanded Canada Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan (CPP/QPP) would do just that. Small increases in contributions would effectively double CPP/QPP benefits upon retirement.

Economists, academics, and 76 per cent of all Canadians in a recent poll support expanding the CPP/QPP. On the political side, eight out of ten provinces support the expansion. Unfortunately, the federal government has been dragging its feet.


Take Action To Grow The CPP/QPP:


Several CUPW members will be taking part in a lobby day on Parliament Hill on December 3rd to speak with their MPs about this important issue.


Reasons To Boost CPP/QPP

Both workers and employers make equal contributions to the CPP/QPP, which is a portion of yearly salaries. These contributions are pooled and then paid out to workers upon their retirement. But right now, many workers are not receiving enough CPP/QPP in their retirement to be financially secure.

There are many reasons to support a boost in the CPP/QPP. Increased pressure is being placed on defined benefit pension plans—increasing the CPP/QPP would reduce some of this pressure. The majority of workers are not covered by workplace pensions at all, leaving them with individualistic Registered Retirement Savings Plans or inadequate tax-funded transfers (Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement). The status quo will result in an increasing number of seniors living in poverty. Growing the CPP/QPP, in addition to increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement, would give increased financial security to all workers.


Financing The Increased CPP/QPP

The CPP/QPP increase would be financed through gradual increases in contributions over seven years according to a proposal developed by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). This phased in approach would be similar to public pension reforms that took place in the 1990s.

Workers and employers each pay a percentage of salary into the CPP/QPP to a maximum yearly limit. Our plan would be to increase workers’ CPP contributions by 0.43% of pensionable earnings each year for seven years.

The CLC plan would essentially double CPP pension benefits to a maximum of $1,868 per month. Calculate how much additional yearly income you would earn with our proposal:

Find more information on this issue at: Together, we can help ensure workers are able to retire securely and comfortably. Please take action now for retirement security.

In solidarity,
Denis Lemelin
National President (2008-2015)