Actions Continue from Coast to Coast

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Monday December 3 2018

We continue to hear of news that allies have blockaded Canada Post facilities in various locations. The labour movement is stepping up in a big way to support postal workers and fight for the right to free collective bargaining.  In Toronto, allies blocked the Gateway facility, facing down an injunction and police threats. In Halifax over the weekend, six people were arrested for blocking the Halifax Mail Processing Plant.  This morning we have heard of reports of blockades/pickets in Ottawa, Oshawa and Hamilton.  This comes after a weekend of demonstrations in 27 cities across the country.

The Liberal government thought they could legislate labour peace. They have been proven wrong.

We have also received guarantees of interest-free loans, if needed from many unions. The labour movement is prepared to put up millions of dollars for postal workers to fight this legislation in the streets and on the picket lines.

CUPW will never forget this growing display of solidarity in action. It is clear that this fight is no longer just about postal workers. This fight is about the right to free collective bargaining and impacts every worker in this country.

Nothing in Bill C-89 precludes the Canada Post and CUPW from settling collective agreements at any point.  It is time for Canada Post to get back to the table and negotiate!


In Solidarity,

Mike Palecek
National President (2015-2019)