Alert #2 – Get Ready!

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Wednesday August 24 2016
No 67

As we quickly approach the deadline to utilize our strike mandate we have changed the format of our bulletins slightly to increase the speed of our communications.


Canada Post Not Moving


Yesterday we met with Canada Post and the Minister of Labour with the mediators present, to review all the issues in dispute. We were anticipating a different approach, but instead it was the same old rhetoric. Canada Post is maintaining its unacceptable demands rollbacks: precarious part-time and temporary employment, no improvements in staffing, the ability to close all 493 protected CUPW staffed retail locations eliminating up to 1200 full-time jobs, continuing the attack on our retirement security by wanting to increase the cost of retiree benefits and changing to a defined contribution pension plan for all new regular employees and to change the working conditions for all Urban employees. Canada Post’s proposal on pay equity for RSMCs was nothing more than an attempt to complicate and delay that process. Canada Post wants to drag out pay equity with binding arbitration, a process that could take years or even decades. . Surprisingly, Canada Post did not include any demands for growth during its presentations yesterday. Canada Post mentioned nothing about parcels or unaddressed admail or any other way to increase revenues and grow the company. This is not an approach that will lead to negotiated collective agreements.


Next Steps


Our National Executive Board (NEB) is meeting this morning to consider the position that Canada Post is maintaining. The NEB will decide on what strike activities we may engage in. If nothing changes between now and tomorrow, we will be issuing our 72-hour notice of strike activity. The NEB will not make this decision without careful thought and serious consideration.


It is critical that we all continue to show up for work unless otherwise notified by our National Union!


Be Ready, Be Prepared & Be Strong!

Much is going to happen over the next couple of days but no matter what you hear from CPC management or in the media, you must remember it is Canada Post that is refusing to negotiate. Watch for updates and alerts from your Union. If Canada Post backs us into a corner, we will come out fighting.

Our Cause is Just - The Struggle Continues!

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit
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