Arbitration Finished!

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Thursday May 7 2020
No 98

On May 6, CUPW and Canada Post presented their respective oral arguments to Arbitrator Elizabeth MacPherson. The arbitration is finally complete and now we have to wait for the decision.


Written Arguments

Both parties submitted lengthy and detailed written arguments to the Arbitrator on April 29. Your negotiating committee and legal counsel had 6 days to review and analyze all of Canada Post’s documents to prepare our final oral arguments for May 6.


CPC’s Position Hasn’t Changed

Throughout this arbitration, Canada Post has maintained its hard position, right up to the final arguments. CPC’s position is unacceptable. We don’t deserve anything more than what we have already agreed to in negotiations. They want to continue to pay RSMCs a per piece payment for the delivery of parcels on weekends. They want to reduce the ratio in Appendix “P” which would eliminate 400 full-time Group 1 positions. They want to hold group 2 positions vacant where there is an anticipated staff reduction without any limit of time. They think all our demands will create conflict. They do not want to give us anything more, except a small wage increase, lower than what they offered in their November 2018 global offer, and no bump up for Groups 3 & 4. According to them, we got all we deserve!

A few examples of what CPC doesn’t think we deserve:

  • improved health and safety -  CPC still says NO!
  • pay for all hours worked (RSMCs)  -  CPC still says NO!
  • wage increases above inflation -  CPC still says NO!
  • real job security for RSMCs and Urban Ops -  CPC still says NO!
  • equal post-retirement benefits -  CPC still says NO!
  • less precarious employment -  CPC still says NO!

Thank You to All That Worked on This Arbitration

We thank all who testified on the issues affecting postal workers and all who worked tirelessly to ensure the evidence was well submitted to the arbitrator so she can, we hope, issue a decision on our future that will resolve problems lived for far too long.


Your Support Was Key!

We also want to thank everyone for your support and patience during this long process. The actions taken by the locals and messages of support gave us the energy to get through this.


You are the reason for Canada Post’s continued success.

You deserve better!!!



In Solidarity,

Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC bargaining unit
Sylvain Lapointe
On Behalf of the Negotiating Committee, Urban Unit
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