Are We Making Progress?

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Thursday August 11 2016
No 61

We have held rallies and shown the Government and Canada Post that we are ready and willing to support our demands.

What CPC is Saying

Canada Post is telling the media and its customers that “Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers remain at the negotiating table, but progress is discouraging.” They also stated: “As you know, Canada Post has expressed its strong desire to continue to negotiate without the threat of a lockout. Although CUPW has repeatedly said that they do not intend to strike, a threat of a 72-hour notice to strike is always a very real possibility.”  What message is Canada Post sending to its customers? Are they preparing to issue another 72-hour notice of a lockout?

Many Issues Still to Resolve

We have yet to resolve any of our big issues and CPC appears unwilling to sit down and talk seriously about these issues. They appear to be content to spend time discussing non-monetary issues while avoiding the big issues that must be resolved if we are going to achieve negotiated collective agreements. The reason that “progress is discouraging” is because CPC will not tackle the big issues.

What Needs To Happen

Canada Post needs to come to the table ready and willing to tackle the tough issues that are critical to getting new negotiated collective agreements. It is time to seriously negotiate and get this resolved without CPC continuously suggesting there may be an interruption of service.

Continue to Tell CPC to Negotiate

CPC must translate “its strong desire to continue to negotiate” into real negotiations. Tell CPC to stop trying to chase customers away. The best way for CPC to keep its customers, is by coming to the table with the mandate and resolve to settle this dispute.


CPC: We Are Waiting!

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit
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