Article 3 – Recognition (Focus Groups)

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Grievance File Number: 
Collective Agreement: 
Urban Postal Operations (2012)
Relevant Articles: 
Article 3
Date referred: 
Thursday January 7 2016


Canada Post has been organizing and holding meetings with some of CUPW’s members, in certain cities throughout the country, without the Union’s participation and consent, to discuss their working conditions.

This is being done in violation of Article 3 and other applicable provisions of the collective agreement and is viewed as attempting to destabilize the union at this critical period just in advance of negotiations.

Corrective Steps Requested

The Union requests an order that the employer is violating the collective agreement in these meetings with its employees, is failing to respect the previous rulings of Arbitrators on the same issue contrary to clause 9.103 of the collective agreement and is attempting to undermine or destabilize the Union during this crucial period.

The Union also requests that the Arbitrator order the employer to stop holding meetings with its employees in which working conditions covered and not covered by the collective agreement are discussed and to refrain from doing so in future.

The Union also requests damages for its members who might be prejudiced and for itself damages resulting from the proceedings it must initiate to respond. The Union also reserves the right to request punitive and/or exemplary damages.

The Union reserves the right to amend the grievance and request additional corrective action.