Bargaining Intensifies!

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Tuesday March 22 2016
Negotiations Bulletin No. 10

Union Takes Charge 

After listening to the employer explain their proposals at several meetings, the Union has begun to aggressively present the details of our demands and to show the employer why our demands mean so much to our members.

Health and Safety Issues Dominate Delivery Meeting

At a recent meeting of the delivery sub-table, the health and safety of our members was the key topic of discussion. We went into great detail on the numerous health and safety risks associated with any and all multiple-bundle delivery methods. We told the employer that the only safe way to deliver mail is to merge the manual and sequenced mail at the sortation case and then carry only one bundle of mail on the route. Merging and sorting mail on the street while walking, or in the back of a vehicle is an unsafe work method and must not continue. We also talked about proper staffing and the reduction of compulsory overtime. The employer needs to understand the importance of health and safety issues to our members.

Group 1 Staffing

Work has continued at the operations sub-table to convince the employer that current Group 1 staffing levels are not acceptable and that major improvements are needed. We have several demands on Group 1 staffing that will be discussed in great detail during the meetings at this sub-table. We will continue to provide examples from across the country about the lack of full time positions and the use of part time and temporary employees.

Access to Information

Many of our demands focus on the need for the employer to provide us with access to information. The Union needs reliable, complete, accurate and workable data from the employer to allow us to monitor staffing, restructures and many other areas of the collective agreement.

RSMC and Urban

We continue to tell the employer at every opportunity that we want one collective agreement that includes all of our members, RSMC and Urban and that we want equal pay, benefits and working conditions for RSMCs. The time for equality is now!

Your support is crucial to the success of these negotiations.

Stay informed, participate in union actions, and proudly express your solidarity.

Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit
George Floresco
Chief Negotiator, RSMC Unit
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