“Manulife, get out of my life!”

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Wednesday April 21 2010
Series 3, Volume 10, Issue 1 • March-April 2010
Manulife demonstration in Toronto, 2008

We all know the chant. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to stop Manulife from intruding on our medical affairs.

Depending on the nature of an employee’s illness or injury, employers do have legitimate rights in terms of the disclosure of medical information. But employees also have a right to privacy.1 As an agent of Canada Post, hired to “manage” our injuries and illnesses, Manulife has no more right than Canada Post does to harass us.

Medical status is best determined by a physician rather than someone without any first-hand medical knowledge. But Canada Post follows the recommendations of Manulife rather than the advice of doctors. That is why members should always contact the Union to help them with what is often referred to as the “Manulife nightmare.”

This Stewards’ Action Bulletin provides Stewards and Locals with some guidance when members need assistance with Manulife.




1. Monarch Fine Foods Co. Ltd. and Milk and Bread Drivers, Employees, Caterers, and Allied Employees Local 647, 20 L.A.C. (2d) 419 (Picher).