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Sunday October 2 2016

Families desperately need access to the early childhood care and education that only a comprehensive system can provide. This won’t happen unless the federal government steps up to the plate to support provincial/territorial governments to build child care services that are good for children and available and affordable to families, while creating decent-paying jobs for the child care workforce.

Between now and the next federal election in 2019, the CCAAC and its coalition partners will be advocating for vision of a shared framework for an early childhood education and care system for all. We will be using every opportunity to let the federal and provincial governments know what will be needed to make this happen: 

  • We want federal, provincial/territorial governments to take time to get the national framework right.
  • We want child care recognized as a collective social responsibility—not a commodity to be sold and bought in a child care marketplace.
  • We want a framework that paves the way for a well-designed child care system that takes into account the diversity of needs: not a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • We want recognition that Indigenous Peoples need resources to develop their own child care systems.


The new framework must include:

  • A commitment to build universal, affordable, inclusive high-quality child care systems across Canada.
  • A commitment to provide long-term sustained federal funding to ensure affordable, high-quality services together with a planned expansion of child care programs so that child care can become accessible to every child whose family chooses it by the year 2020.
  • An agreement to share child care initiatives, such as a strategy to strengthen the child care workforce, and a shared data system and research agenda.
  • A commitment to work together to strengthen family supports, including better and more equitable family leave from work and study, as well as access to more flexible work arrangements.
  • A commitment to use data and policy research to make evidence-based child care policy decisions.


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