The Child Care Fund at Work: A Unique and Progressive Approach

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Sunday October 2 2016

"I take my hat off to the union. It took an enormous weight off my shoulders." – Denis Blondeau, letter carrier


"The union just made it happen - it was such a nice surprise. Wow, someone is offering to help." – Kathy Hauck, inside postal worker


The CUPW’s Child Care Fund projects were designed and put in place after comprehensive assessments of members’ child care needs. Almost all the regions have at least one Child Care Fund project, and the Special Needs and Moving On projects are national projects available to our locals across Canada and Québec.

All of the projects accommodate children with special needs and provide at least one of the following services, which are subsidized by the Fund: 

  • Child care services at non-profit child care centres that accommodate irregular hours of work
  • Supervised child care provided in the member's home or licensed care in the home of a caregiver to accommodate early-morning starts, evening or night shifts
  • Short-term, emergency child care for UPCE-PSAC members in Ottawa and Gatineau whose child care arrangements break down unexpectedly
  • Child care information, referral and resources
  • Two projects across Canada and Québec for parents of children with special needs and parents of dependent adult sons or daughters with special needs