CUPW Negotiates the Child Care Fund for RSMC Members - Appendix “J”

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Thursday September 29 2016

In 2010 CUPW put a child care fund for RSMCs on the bargaining table. An arbitrator awarded $65,000 quarterly to be put into the Child Care Fund on top of other monies, without a cap on the total amount of these additional funds that could accrue. 


Child Care Fund Contributions

1. As of January 1, 2010, the Corporation shall pay into the trust fund established by Appendix “L” of the collective agreement between the Canada Post Corporation and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (Urban Operations collective agreement) sixty-five thousand dollars ($65,000.00). These monies will be paid to the fund within fifteen (15) days of the date the Corporation receives the applicable quarterly financial statements of the fund from the Union.

2. The amounts allocated to the fund pursuant to paragraph 1 will not be included in any determination that the fund has exceeded two million five hundred thousand
dollars ($2,500,000.00).