Franco-Sol French Language Child Care Centres

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Monday October 31 2016

Franco-Sol French Language Child Care CentresChild care you deserve

High quality. Flexible. Affordable. That's the kind of child care CUPW members say they need – but can't find. 

CUPW and UPCE-PSAC families in Windsor Ontario can access the child care they need and deserve, thanks to an innovative child care project.

Franco-Sol French Language Child Care Centre is a non-profit child care agency that operates 10 child care centres located in the French schools in Windsor and Essex Ontario. Its goal is to offer enriched opportunities for exploration and discovery that enable children to grow and develop within a francophone environment. 

That means having peace of mind while you're at work. And that means a lot. 



Early Childhood Educators at Franco-Sol implement responsive programs that support the learning of physical, social, cognitive, and language skills, while embracing each child's individual needs.


Opportunities for exploration and discovery:

• Individual attention in a small classroom setting

• Enriching activities that complement learning

• French learning environment for your child



Highly qualified staff support children by providing positive and enriching opportunities through age appropriate 

activities designed to meet each child's need. 


Franco-Sol provides French child care services to children: 

• 18 months to 12 years of age

• Toddlers 18 – 30 months

• Preschoolers 2.5 – 4 years

• K/S/K (4 – 5 years) after school care

• Before and After School Age 6 – 12 years

• Full day care for school breaks, PD days and summer months 



High quality child care is expensive. The Child Care Fund subsidizes the cost for services provided by Franco-Sol that are available to postal workers.

Subsidies are as follows:

• 50% for toddler

• 40% for preschool

An additional subsidy of 12.50% if two or more children attending the centre. 

(Note the subsidy is taxable).


Phone: 519-979-7699
Web site: 

Franco-Sol Child Care Centre is one of our union's child care fund projects that is helping postal workers who have a hard time finding and affording quality child care. 

Special Needs and Moving On Projects:

CUPW members also have access to a project that provides financial assistance and information resources for members who have children with special needs, or adult sons and daughters with disabilities. 

Call the Special Needs office at 1-800-840-5465 toll free to find out more about this project and how you qualify.

For information and to register your child:

Main Office
11886 Tecumseh Rd East
Tecumseh, ON N8N 3C1
Phone: 519-979-7699

Make sure to identify yourself as a CUPW or UPCE-PSAC member.

A joint project of the CUPW/UPCE-PSAC Child Care Fund

The Child Care Fund is administered by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and financed by the Canada Post Corporation.