Letter Carrier Route Measurement System Manual (LCRMS)

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Tuesday December 10 2013

The Letter Carrier Route Measurement System was developed to provide management with a means to assess and adjust, on a National basis, an equitable workload for individual letter carrier routes.

The system is designed in accordance with engineered standards and method study techniques, and consists basically of the application of time values to each segment of the duties performed by an average experienced Letter Carrier in the sortation, preparation and delivery of mail.

Mail Operations Policy and Program Development is responsible for the policies and procedures pertaining to the Route Measurement and audit systems. Regional General Managers are responsible for the implementation of Route Measurement and audit procedures.

To ensure the equality and objectivity of the program, detailed instructions and procedures contained in this manual must be followed by Route Measurement Officers in the various regions when establishing letter carrier routes at each individual letter carrier unit. However, in the application of the system, discretion should be exercised to ensure that any exceptional circumstances which could disturb the assessment on a route are given proper consideration.

In this Manual, the masculine gender is considered a neutral term that refers to both males and females without discrimination.

It is further recognized and understood that certain provisions of the current CUPW collective agreement contain special rules and/or qualifiers with respect to the day to day application of the LCRMS and that where those provisions exist, they will prevail.

Should isolated instances indicate the need for modification of or deviation from these instructions and procedures, in order to rectify a particular anomaly, Regional Operational Services will advise the Manager of Mail Operations Policy and Program Development in order that any possible national policy or procedural implications that could result may be identified and examined.

This manual is registered with Configuration Management at Head Office, #T455013. Any changes required to the Manual must be processed through this group.

Letter Carrier Route Measurement System Manual




Chapter 1: Inventory of Points of Delivery form 33-082-038
Chapter 2: City Mail Volume Index form 33-082-073
Chapter 3: Letter Carrier Route Sampling
Pocket PCI Application
IRMA Desktop Application
LDU Sampling Card form 33-082-072
Chapter 4: Original and Adjusted Summary of Inventory and Rates per Call (Form 070 / 071) form 33-082-070
form 33-082-071
Chapter 5: Calculation of Coverage of Points of Delivery
Chapter 6: Householder Allowance
Householder Time Allowance form 33-082-085
Householder Senders index form 33-082-099
Record of Householder Mailings form 33-082-097
Chapter 7: Letter Carrier Route Transportation Allowance
Letter Carrier Route Transportation Allowance form 33-082-079
Letter Carrier Workload Equalization and Transportation form 33-082-098
Chapter 8: Route Assessment and Letter Carrier Workload
Route Assessment and Letter Carrier Workload form 33-082-080
Special Allowance form
Chapter 9: Summary of Original Individual Route Assessment
Summary of Original Individual Route
Assessment and Installation Summary form 33-082-074
Chapter 10: Restructuring of Letter Carrier Routes
Chapter 11: merged with Chapter 4 July 2016
Chapter 12: Summary of Adjusted Individual Route Assessment form 33-082-075
Chapter 13: Assessment of Changes and Updating of Route Workload
Report and Assessment on Letter Carrier Routes form 33-082-040
Temporary Mail Handling Instructions form 33-082-039
Chapter 14: Assessment and Incorporation of New Delivery Areas
Chapter 15: Private Vehicle Cost Benefit Analysis
Detailed Cost Analysis form
Chapter 16 : Postal Transformation Transition