Mail Service Courier Workload Structuring System

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Friday December 17 2010

The System

The system (MSCWSS) determines and regulates the laying out, structuring and verification of the Mail Service Courier functions.

The system is based on the same principles as those that govern the Letter Carrier Route Measurement System. It outlines the procedures for determining a proper time allowance for each of the elements involved.

In addition, the System is designed to establish a fair and equitable workload for each Route.

In this manual

This manual contains the following chapters:

  1. Shuttle Routes
  2. Mobile Routes
  3. Street Letter Box and Relay Routes
  4. Parcel Delivery Routes
  5. Commercial Pickup and Delivery Route
  6. Daily Workload
  7. Table of Values

In this Manual, the masculine gender is considered a neutral term that refers to both males and
females without discrimination.