Member-to-Member Connection (Summer 2012)

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Friday August 10 2012
Summer 2012
Member-to-Member Connection (Summer 2012)

CUPW/UPCE-PSAC Special Needs Project

My daughter Madison is about to turn nine years old on May 13th. Madison has Down syndrome and has been through many challenges in her young life. She has already had two heart surgeries and there will be a third in the future. The Special Needs Project has been with Madison through it all. With the help of this program Madison is able to receive the extra stimulus she currently enjoys. I want to thank everyone involved in this project for the wonderful work you do. I’m including a picture of Madison so you can put a face to the little girl you have helped to blossom.

Letter Carrier
Cornwall, ON

My 22 year old daughter Brittney has been in the program for a few years and I feel it has helped quite a bit with expenses. As my daughter got older the sports were more competitive and maybe too competitive. Therefore my daughter, my son and I got involved with Special Olympics. Brittney plays and her younger brother and I coach. It’s been a very big part of our lives and very fulfilling. I encourage everyone to involve themselves and their child, children or young adults to join and let them try it for a full season. Don’t give up. Let them try. You will be surprised. Some athletes take longer than others but that’s ok. It’s the social opportunity they all need and is necessary to make our special people part of their communities and society. To find information regarding Special Olympics in your province go to website Find your province and give them a call. The summer sports start end of May or the beginning of June and go until August. The fall sports start September/October and go until April/May, depending on the sport.

Hamilton, ON