Member-To-Member Connection (Summer 2016)

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Thursday July 7 2016

Special Needs Project: Celebrating 20 Years!

Member-To-Member Connection (Summer 2016)

Back in 2005 our family found out about the Special Needs Project. Having almost 3 year old triplets at the time, each of them having a different diagnosis, the Special Needs Project gave us a sense of relief when it came to some of the extra cost encountered with each of their needs. Now almost 11 years later the children are excelling each at their own pace thanks to the “extras” that we can do with our children and with the funding that we receive from the project. Dealing with diagnoses from autism to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, severe asthma, social delays and learning challenges we’ve come across several different obstacles. Our advisor Janet is always willing and able to assist us with finding resources available in our community.

In the fall we will be transitioning to high school. Thankfully we will have the financial assistance of the project for another meaningful summer of programs and camps before this big milestone in their lives. The kids have grown up with the Special Needs Project. The ladies in the office get our updated pictures on a regular basis and they’ve become part of our circle of resources, people that we can count on and will always be there! We are ever so grateful for this monthly contribution and hope to see it continue through the next phase of the kids’ lives!

Letter Carrier,
Windsor, ON