Our Child Care Projects

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Sunday October 2 2016

In addition to our two large national projects for members who have children with special needs or disabilities, the CUPW Child Care Fund works with nine community-based child care partners across Canada and Québec to support CUPW parents with children aged 0–12. Working with community partners means the union can help its members balance work and family responsibilities by supporting access to high-quality, regulated child care.


In Winnipeg, Knox Day Nursery meets the changing needs of the community, including flexible hours of child care. Knox Day Nursery provides care to children aged 18 months to six years, serving families from diverse cultures and integrating children with special needs. The centre is open from 6:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

More Information: www.knoxdaynursery.com


CUPW is working with Franco-Sol French Language Child Care Centre, which operates ten different locations across Windsor and Amherstburg and with Ska:na Family Learning Centre, which operates four different locations in Windsor and Sarnia. The two agencies provide a variety of flexible, high-quality programs and services to children from infancy to age 12. These include extended-hours care. All services provided are inclusive of children with special needs.

More Information: www.franco-sol.ca or www.skanaflc.com


In Calgary, two community-based non-profit programs offer a range of affordable, high-quality services in a province that favours for-profit child care. Services include summer programs, licensed home child care (care received in a provider’s home) and centre-based care.

More Information: www.childenrichment.ca or www.churchillpark.ca


In Rocky Mountain House (Red Deer), the union spearheaded a rural community development initiative to support our RSMC members. A broad cross-section of community partners came together to develop a non-profit child care centre, Community and Child Care Connections (CCCC). CCCC delivers services to children aged six months to 12, and offers extended hours care.

More Information: www.communityconnectionschildcare.weebly.com


In Fredericton, CUPW and UPCE-PSAC partnered with the Preschool Centre, a non-profit, community-based program, to develop a child care centre for infants through to school-age children. It now operates six centres across Fredericton and provides for flexible extended hours.

More Information: http://www.thepreschoolcentre.ca


In St. John’s, members have access to the CUPW-Family and Child Care Connections Resource Centre, which includes licensed home child care, a toy-lending library, a children’s play group for members and caregivers, and information and resources on parenting and child care services. The centre also operates a satellite centre in Corner Brook.

More information: www.familyandchildcareconnections.ca


In the Ottawa and Outaouais, UPCE/PSAC members can access high-quality non-profit child care services or licensed home child care for short-term emergency situations for children aged 0–12. Short Term Child Care (STCC) provides temporary back-up care to UPCE/PSAC members when their regular child care arrangements break down or when their child is mildly ill.

More information: www.afchildcare.on.ca/STCC/index.html