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Monday March 21 2011
Volume 39, Number 1, March 2011

VOTE YES!!Your vote counts

After five months of difficult and frustrating negotiations we need to send Canada Post management a strong message. “Drop your demands for concessions and address the Union’s proposals for equality, respect and a share of the benefits of automation. And do it now!”

This strike vote is about the future – our future. At stake are our wages, benefits and working conditions for years to come. This is our opportunity to show the employer where we stand and what we deserve.



Postal workers have been responsible for the financial and operational successes of Canada Post. We deserve to maintain and improve our current rights and benefits and we deserve to work in safe and healthy conditions.



We completely oppose any efforts to create two groups of members: those with rights and benefits, and those without – two tier.


Sharing the Benefits:

We believe that postal workers and the public deserve to share in the benefits of CPC’s $2 billion investment in new technology.

Instead of addressing our demands for the future, Canada Post management is trying to turn back the clock on major issues such as pension, internal staffing, letter carrier workload, vacation leave, seniority rights and more. They want to eliminate sick leave and reduce benefits. Canada Post wants more inequality. Our negotiating committee has been working hard to convince the Employer to drop their demands for concessions and address our proposals. But even the best union negotiators cannot do it alone. They need your support. The employer needs to know that the membership is solidly behind the union and ready to take action if necessary.


So vote YES

A strong YES vote is a statement that we deserve more than the rollbacks and concessions that are being offered by Canada Post management. A strong YES strike vote, in solidarity with our Negotiations Committee and National Executive Board, is also a strong YES for our future.


Recommendation of the National Executive Board

WHEREAS after over five months of negotiations there are many major issues in dispute;

WHEREAS there is a need to negotiate improvements in areas such as wages, benefits, pensions, rights of temporary employees, health and safety and full-time job opportunities ;

WHEREAS the employer’s demands do not meet our needs and contain unacceptable rollbacks concerning sick leave, working conditions, seniority, letter carrier workload, wages, benefits, retiree benefits, and hours of work, pensions and benefits for new employees;

WHEREAS in order to assist the National Negotiating Committee to negotiate a collective agreement that meets the needs of CUPW members it is necessary to have a strong strike mandate;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the National Executive Board unanimously recommends you vote Yes to authorize the National Executive Board to call strike activities if necessary to achieve our demands, stop the employer’s rollbacks and improve the service to the public.



30 Reasons to Vote YES

1. to convince the employer to negotiate

2. to receive a share in the benefits from CPC’s $2 Billion investment in The Modern Post

3. for healthy and safe working conditions

4. for greater equality for all postal workers

5. to preserve our paid sick leave

6. to reject the employer’s multiple bundle delivery approach

7. for more full-time job opportunities for Group 1

8. to contract in work for Groups 3 and 4

9. to protect the defined benefit pension for all members

10. for more job creation and service expansion

11. for decent wages and a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)

12. for parental rights

13. to preserve retiree benefits

14. to protect union rights concerning the structuring of letter carrier and mail service courier routes

15. to stop contracting-out of our work

16. for more time values for householders

17. to maintain vacations and paid meal period for all full-time workers

18. to improve our health benefit plans

19. for more rights for temporary employees

20. to abolish the Corporate Team Incentive (CTI) and divert the money to wages, benefits and service improvements

21. to keep the rights of temporary workers to obtain regular positions by seniority

22. to protect the health of pregnant workers

23. to extend human rights training to all employees 24. for full retroactivity

25. for more full-time day shift positions

26. to protect full-time positions at the wickets

27. to stop CPC from reclassifying PO4s in depots into letter carrier positions

28. to protect the grievance procedure

29. for more funding for the childcare, education and international funds

30. to support your National Negotiation Committee


A Message From Your National Negotiating Committee

We have been in negotiations since October with Canada Post Corporation. We still have many major issues where we are far apart. Join us in sending a message that it is not just the negotiators but the membership standing behind these demands.

We are all voting YES! Show the employer that you support your negotiators.