The Preschool Centre

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Thursday November 3 2016

The Preschool CentreChild care you deserve 

High quality. Flexible. Affordable. That's the kind of care CUPW and UPCE-PSAC members say they need – but can't find. 

CUPW and UPCE-PSAC families in Fredericton can have access to the child care they need, thanks to our child care project. 

The Preschool Centre is a community-based and designed project. It gives postal and communications workers access to a range of child care programs to suit your family's schedule and provides dependable, quality child care. 

That means having peace of mind while you're at work. And that means a lot. 



The Preschool Centre, a non-profit cooperative childcare centre, runs the project's group child care services. The programs conform to New Brunswick's child care regulations. 

The centre's philosophy is based on the belief that all children need love, respect and encouragement in order to develop to their full potential. The early years are the foundation for learning and development. 

The partnership between parents and staff ensures the Preschool Centre is a place where children feel confident to explore and learn. 


If your child has special needs 

The Preschool Centre has experience working with children with special needs, who are welcome in all programs such as group care, extended hours, and summer camps. 



Group care 

The Preschool Centre offers a centre-based child care program that gives priority placements to CUPW and UPCE-PSAC members with children aged 6 months – 11 years. 

Qualified staff help children develop a positive self-concept through ageappropriate activities designed to meet each child's needs. 


Extended hours 

This program offers hours of operation that accommodate morning and evening work hours of CUPW and UPCE-PSAC members. Regular program hours of operation are 

7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. 

When there is need, group child care and afterschool care is made available from 

6:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. and includes an evening meal. 


Summer Camps 

School age summer camp programs include a variety of interesting activities, such as swimming, field trips, games, music and drama. 


Find out more: 

Preschool Centre programs are located at three sites: 

717 Windsor Street 506-458-8982 

125 Clark Street 506-458-8981 (Clark)

115 Main Street 506-458-8980 



High quality child care is expensive. The Fund covers the administrative costs of the Child Care Connections and also provides subsidies for members. 

Subsidies are 20% of parent fee for members with one child and 25% of fees for two children and 30% for three or more children attending the centre. 

Families may also qualify for daycare assistance subsidy through Social Development. Enquiries can be made at 1- 866-444- 8838. 

The Preschool Centre is one of our union's child care fund projects that is helping postal workers who have a hard time finding and affording quality child care.


Special Needs and Moving On Projects 

CUPW and UPCE-PSAC also have a project that provides help to members whose children have special needs: 

  • Financial help to reduce the higher cost of appropriate child care and related services 
  • Personal support by phone 
  • A regular newsletter 
  • Educational and resource materials 


Contact 1-800-840-5465 toll-free for details about the Special Needs and Moving On Projects. 

For information and to register your child: 

115 Main Street, Fredericton NB
Phone: 506-458-8980 

Make sure to identify yourself as a CUPW or UPCE-PSAC member. 

A joint project of the CUPW/UPCE-PSAC Child Care Fund 

The Child Care Fund is administered by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and financed by the Canada Post Corporation. 

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