Putting the “W” in RSMC

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Saturday May 15 2010
Volume 12, Number 1, May 2010

It takes guts to be a RSMC.
It takes guts to be a RSMC if you’re a woman.
I am a RSMC and, like 66% of RSMCs, I am a woman. I know the highs and lows of this job.
We survive (sometimes just barely) despite the whim of management and an inadequate pay system. We carry out our day to day mail delivery often under unsafe circumstances and handle parcels that tax the strength of even our strongest RSMC brothers. We lose wages to route restructures and through an outdated route management system where time values and consideration for volume are non-existent. . .



  • Women as Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers
  • Sick Leave and Women
  • Women and the Environment
  • Night Work
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