Questions for all-candidates meetings - Federal Election 2015

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Wednesday September 9 2015

1. Door-to-door delivery:

Canada Post and the Conservative government plan on taking away door-to-door delivery from over five million Canadian households and replacing it with community mailbox delivery. This is going to create huge problems for residents, especially seniors and people with mobility issues. About 600 municipalities have passed resolutions opposing this cut or calling for a halt to the postal cuts announced in December 2013 until there is proper consultation. 

We'd be interested in knowing your position on taking door-to-door delivery away from people and forcing them to use community mailboxes.

Are you opposed to this move and, if so, what would you do to save home mail delivery?

Also, would you support restoring home mail delivery to people who have lost it during the recent cuts?


 2. Revenue-generation not cuts:

Public post offices are an important part of our community. They provide infrastructure that our community needs to thrive, and that businesses need to grow. As you may know, Canada Post has plans to close and downsize public post offices, and also reduce their hours in some locations. Instead of cutting, Canada Post could be doing a lot more to generate revenue like other postal administrations around the world. Post offices in Switzerland and Italy, for example, made about 70% of their profits from financial and banking services in 2012. For your information, about 600 municipalities have passed resolutions in support of adding postal banking at Canada Post.


What do you think of this idea and would you be willing to encourage our city/town council to pass a similar resolution if you are elected (assuming council hasn’t passed a resolution already)?


3. Destruction of 6000 to 8000 decent jobs:

Canada Post would need far fewer employees if it goes to community mailbox delivery. It expects to eliminate 6000 to 8000 positions. Closing and downsizing post offices and reducing post office hours will also reduce the number of jobs in communities throughout the country. We're not sure how this fits into the federal government's agenda of supporting jobs and growth. But we do know that our communities and our economy cannot afford to lose thousands of decent paying jobs.


What do you think of Canada Post’s plan to destroy thousands of jobs in communities throughout our country and would you be willing to insist that your party review this decision if you are elected?


4. Child Care:

Unlike many other countries, Canada doesn't have a national child care system. This means that most parents can't find or afford good, regulated child care. In fact, there are only licensed child care spots for about 22 per cent of children under the age of 6 -- that's only one in five children. It is even harder if you live in a rural community, are an Indigenous person, or have a child with special needs.

It shouldn’t have to be this way. And it shouldn’t be left up to luck to find quality child care.

More and more Canadians are calling on the federal government to adopt a national child care program in co-operation with provinces to dramatically increase the number of quality, affordable, child care spots. These spots would be set up to reflect the choices and needs of local communities and of parents for quality child care and early childhood education.


Do you and your party support investing in such a national child care program?