Resources for Parents

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Sunday October 2 2016

An important part of what the CUPW Child Care Fund does is to undertake research to better understand issues related to child care and how they affect our members. We use that research to develop information; tools and resources to better support members with their child care needs.

As set out under Appendix "L" of the collective agreement the Fund can support research activities and the development of public information and various resource tools, but it must reach postal workers.  This sometimes means building targeted outreach activities into the process. All research activities must increase awareness of the needs of postal workers and have a parent focus.


The Key to Caring

A resource guide for the CUPW Child Care Fund documenting three success stories. It shows how the union can help CUPW members find child care solutions and pressure governments to fund child care initiatives.


What is quality child care?

A factsheet outlining the elements of high-quality child care.  

A step-by-step guide to help parents find high-quality child care. It is by no means comprehensive—parents are strongly encouraged to do more research on high-quality care. Their local's child care resource centre is a good place to start.


Finding Quality Child Care: A Guide for Parents in Canada

Working with the Child Care Research and Resource Unit (CRRU), CUPW developed a comprehensive, bilingual website aimed at helping parents navigate Canada's patchwork of child care services. Whether it's called child care, day care, early childhood education or early learning, provides information for parents looking for high-quality child care that's affordable and meets the needs of their families.

Information about child care in each province/territory is provided, such as key regulations, which types of child care are required to be regulated, and a detailed checklist parents can use when looking at child care settings. It also includes a 20-minute video showing high-quality child care centre environments.


Rural Child Care: We're Worth It!

In 2005 CUPW supported a project coordinated by Rural Voices, a virtual network on child care for rural, remote and northern communities. The project produced a CD-ROM on quality child care and a poster entitled, Child Care: We're Worth It!

In addition, CUPW co-sponsored a national forum of child care, rural women's groups, municipalities, farmers and labour to discuss how to work together to make child care more accessible to rural communities and our RSMC members.

Fifty-two participants attended, representing providers of child care services from every province and territory, as well as representatives from relevant national organizations, federal and provincial/territorial government departments, unions, and representatives from both francophone and Aboriginal populations. The consensus voiced by these newly acquainted participants representing very diverse interests and regions of the country was truly empowering.