Ska:na Family Learning Centre (SFLC)

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Thursday November 3 2016

Ska:na Family Learning Centre (SFLC)Child care you deserve 

High quality. Flexible. Affordable. That's the kind of care CUPW and UPCE-PSAC members say they need – but can't find. 

CUPW and UPCE-PSAC families in Windsor can have access to the child care they need, thanks to our child care project. 

(SFLC) is a Native, non-profit, registered charity providing quality child care in the Windsor community. The word Ska:na is an Oneida word that means "Peace". 

SFLC believes in supporting the whole family and follows the High/Scope philosophy in regards to child and family development. 

That means having peace of mind while you're at work. And that means a lot. 



It is important to find child care that you can trust, and a preschool that exceeds your expectations. That is why CUPW has partnered with SFLC since 2010. 

Ska:na creates an environment where children are safe, nurtured, loved and encouraged to learn. 

Ska:na's quality education programs are delivered by: 

• Registered Early Childhood Educators (Ontario College of ECE) 

• Safe and developmentally sound environments 

• Comprehensive curriculum and age-appropriate learning experiences 


Highly qualified staff foster an atmosphere in which children develop a positive selfconcept through age appropriate activities designed to meet each child's need. 

Ska:na Child and Family Learning Centre offers centre-based child care programs for children from birth to 12 years old. 

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. 

Ska:na provides postal workers access to the following programs: 

  • Infants (0 – 18 months) 
  • Toddlers (18 months to 30 months) 
  • Preschool (31 months – 5 years) 
  • JK/SK/School Age after school care (4 years – 12 years) 


High quality child care is expensive. The Child Care Fund subsidizes the cost for services provided by SFLC that are available to postal workers. 

Subsidies are as follows: 

Infant and toddler 50% of parent fee Preschooler 40% of parent fee 

Kindergarten and School Age 40% of parent fee. 

In addition, if a CUPW family has more than one child attending the centre an additional 25% of parent fee. 

(Note the subsidy is taxable) 


The CUPW Child Care Fund 

Ska:na Family Learning Centre is one of our unions’ child care fund projects that are helping postal and communications workers who have a hard time finding and affording quality child care. This is part of the CUPW and UPCE-PSAC commitment to building better child care that meets the specific needs of postal and communications workers’ families.


Special Needs and Moving On Projects 

CUPW and UPCE-PSAC also have a project that provides help to members whose children have special needs: 

  • Financial help to reduce the higher cost of  appropriate child care and related services 
  • Personal support by phone 
  • A regular newsletter 
  • Educational and resource materials 

Contact 1-800-840-5465 toll-free for details about the Special Needs and Moving On Projects. 


For information and to register your child: 

1684 Ellrose Avenue, Windsor, ON N8Y 3X7
Phone: 519-948-8115 

Make sure to identify yourself as a CUPW or UPCE-PSAC member. 

A joint project of the CUPW/UPCE-PSAC Child Care Fund 

The Child Care Fund is administered by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and financed by the Canada Post Corporation.