Statement from CUPW on Canada Post's temporary suspension of plan to end home mail delivery

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Wednesday October 28 2015

CUPW is happy that Canada Post has “temporarily” suspended its decision to end home mail delivery, but the union would like to see a “permanent” halt to the delivery cuts. We would also like the post office to restore delivery to people who have lost it since the cuts were announced in 2013.

We think it’s high time for a public review of Canada Post that allows us to consider these moves and others. We need a public review to discuss the future and our options for building a 21st century post office that is capable of creating new revenue streams and meeting the needs of Canadians. For example, postal banking helps keep financial services accessible and postal service viable in many parts of the world. Why not here?

The union will be urging the new Liberal government to conduct a public review of Canada Post in the months to come and would like other organizations to do likewise.