Vote Yes and Send the Boss a Message!

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Friday May 27 2016

Image of a black and white archery target entitled 'The Boss's Hit List.' The words 'wages, benefits, pensions, vacations, equity, workload, job security, and jobs' are written in the target's rings. The bull's eye contains the words 'all of us' in red.Canada Post is not only refusing to address our demands, but gunning for some of our most important job protections and benefits. This is why every member of CUPW needs to get out and vote YES to a strike.

Whether you’re an Urban or an RSMC member, a permanent or a temporary worker, we are all affected by what Canada Post puts on the table.

And it’s pretty clear that unless we stand together and send them a strong message, they’ll feel free to push these cuts on us.

VOTE YES TO STRIKE. That is, unless you want to accept the following:



  • Eliminate paid meal period

  • Eliminate 5-minute wash-up time

  • Freeze pay for temporary workers for the life of the collective agreement

  • No pay for time worked over assessed hours for RSMCs and no minimum guaranteed hours

  • Increase the time it takes to reach maximum pay rate

  • Eliminate red circling for RSMCs



  • Cap physiotherapy for urban members to $800 per year, no dependants

  • Cap physiotherapy at $1000 per year for RSMCs, including dependants

  • Increase Extended Health Care premiums from 5% to 25% for current urban members

  • Increase post-retirement premiums for urban members, currently at 35%. Retirees will have to pay 50% if they retire with 30+ years of service, 65% if they retire with 25-30 years of service and 80% if they retire with 15-25 years of service.

  • Eliminate the Cost of Living index from Long Term Disability Insurance.

  • On the Short Term Disability Plan, enforce a 7-day waiting period for any absence. Annual leave credits or compensatory time would no longer count towards that waiting period. Make it harder to submit forms and harder for your union to weigh in on your behalf. Force CUPW to submit your medical information to the STDP Case Manager instead of directly to the independent medical practioner during appeals. Require the independent medical practitioner to render a decision within 30 days.



  • Cut the more secure defined benefit plan and switch to a riskier “defined contribution” pension for all members going forward.



  • No vacations for RSMCs during November and December

  • Cut vacation leave for urban members to 3 weeks (less than 10 years), 4 weeks (10-17), 5 weeks (18-28) and 6 weeks after 28. Cut 7th week of vacation leave.

  • Cut vacation pay for temporary employees from 6% - 4%.

  • Eliminate Superimposing of Vacation for Group 2

  • Eliminate Compensatory Leave for urban members

  • Eliminate Days in Lieu (Use tabloid language for French)

  • Eliminate pre-retirement leave



  • No pay equity for RSMCs.



  • Make letter carriers carry bigger, heavier unaddressed admail pieces and deliver them in fewer days (11 x 14”, 1 kilo).

  • Reduce sortation time for RSMCs for their sequenced mail

  • Continue to structure RSMC routes between 6 and 6 ½ hours

  • Make letter carriers change locks for a per-piece payment of $1 per lock change.

  • Eliminate the boss’s obligation to find motorized letter carriers a suitable location to eat.

  • Eliminate the boss’s obligation to fill relief positions for absent workers.

  • Increase maintenance workers’ work day from 8 hours to 12 hours per day with no overtime pay until 42 hours per week.

  • Impose work every weekend for groups 3 and 4, different work rules and job descriptions for maintenance workers

  • Eliminate stools and refuse to provide them in new concept stores



  • Amend clause 53.01 to provide job security to employees with ten (10) or more years of continuous employment instead of five (5) years.

  • Redefine “zone” as being the province rather than the 40 kilometre radius.

  • Limit transfer rights for RSMCs by imposing a 12 month freeze on the route

  • No vacant positions filled when restructures are planned or when they have a “project.”

  • Eliminate the Appendix “I” protection of 493 retail counters, which would allow the closure of post offices.

  • Make it tougher to qualify for positions within Groups 3 and 4, including current members

  • Bypass the seniority system for temporary employees



  • Install an Automated Volume Count system for restructures, allowing more frequent restructures without agreeing to give the union full information. They expect us to trust them that the numbers are right.

  • Pay temporary employees the minimum rate to do evening and weekend parcel delivery.

  • Eliminate bilingual training

  • Decrease the ratio of full-time employees.

  • Cut full-time retail jobs

  • Prevent temporary employees in Group 2 from accumulating seniority during the peak period between November and the end of March.

  • Eliminate Appendix T, which looks at expansion of services and job creation

  • Eliminate apprenticeships and cut other training programs



In Solidarity,
Mike Palecek