Workers' Compensation -- RSMC

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Tuesday July 6 2004

Your collective agreement gives you new rights in the event of an injury.

If you get injured at work, you are entitled to unpaid injury-on-duty leave and pay through workers' compensation (Article 20).

You can get information about provincial
workers' compensation boards at: .

What you should do:

· Report each injury or near miss to your supervisor or postmaster.

· If you're injured, see your doctor. Tell your doctor that you were injured at work and that you would like her/him to fill out a Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) claim. The doctor you see is obligated by law to complete a WCB claim for accidents that occur at work. The employer is also obligated to complete a WCB report.

· It is important to obtain medical attention for a work related injury even if you think that it is not serious. The injury could flare up later.

· Fill out any forms that WCB sends you.

· You will also be required to complete a worker's report, which is your version of the accident. This is a form which is provided by the WCB. In some provinces it is given out at work and in others it is sent to the worker's home. This form does not have to be completed in front of the employer.

· Please keep a daily journal and document conversations you have with the employer, your doctor and how you feel since the injury. This information may prove useful in your claim to Workers' Compensation.

Replacements while on injury-on-duty leave

You are responsible for ensuring that your route is covered by a replacement worker if you are off work on injury-on-duty leave. The replacement worker will be paid by a voucher that is provided by Canada Post. You and your replacement must fill out the voucher and submit it to Canada Post. The corporation will then pay the replacement worker.

What CUPW can do

The Canada Labour Code gives health and safety representatives the right to participate in an accident investigation. The union believes that this gives union representatives the right to be present while you fill out forms or meet with the employer.

CUPW would like to encourage you to use your right to representation. Union representatives can advise you of your rights and answer your questions. In addition, they play the important role of witness in meetings between you and Canada Post officials.

If you do not know who your union representative is, contact your local president.

What Canada Post must do

· Canada Post must conduct an accident investigation. It has to contact a local union representative before proceeding with an investigation. The accident investigation process is not designed to lay blame. The purpose of the investigation is to figure out what caused the accident and what measures could be taken in the future to prevent a similar action.

· All employers are required by law to complete an accident report. The employer is responsible for ensuring that the report is filled out and sent to the Local Joint Health and Safety Committee and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

· The employer is also obligated to fill out a workers' compensation claim form. This form is to be completed whether there is lost time or not.

Your claim may be challenged

CUPW will help you if your WCB claim is denied.