CUPW President Rolls into Calgary

Calgary - CUPW National President, Mike Palecek and the Save Canada Post Caravan rolled into Calgary this morning bringing the Union’s cross country campaign to Save Canada Post right to Stephen Harpers own backyard. 

Palecek has been travelling in the Union’s massive RV on a coast-to-coast journey to cultivate public support and mobilize postal workers to oppose the Conservative-supported cuts to Canada’s public postal service. 

“Calgary postal workers have been talking to the people of Calgary and we have a message for Stephen Harper. A huge majority of the people in his own riding have told us they want to keep their home mail delivery,” said Palecek. 

“They don’t want the noise and the litter and the traffic congestion and the theft and the hazards of walking down icy streets associated with CMBs. They want to keep their letter carrier service. And with Canada Post Corporation showing another year of sizable profits they can’t understand why Mr. Harper has decided Canada will be the first country in the world to stop this service.” 

“All of the opposition parties have vowed to stop the conversion to CMBs and keep home delivery should they be elected and the NDP has promised to restore delivery to areas which have recently lost it”. “Our message to the people of Calgary is that we can make these promises a reality if we get out and vote to replace the Tory government on October 19th.” “Together we can do it” concluded Palecek.


For further information contact: Anna Beale, President, CUPW Calgary Local 
(403- 819- 2942)