APUW and CUPW support each other

July 21-25: Our sisters and brothers in the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) held their Convention. National President Denis Lemelin attended on behalf of CUPW. After his presentation on the situation here in Canada, the 2,000 APWU delegates passed a resolution supporting our struggle to protect the public postal service. Clearly, the attacks on U.S. postal unions are very similar to our own. American unions are also facing closures and the centralisation of postal operations. Currently, they are waging a successful boycott of Staples, the office supply giant, which had an agreement with the USPS to provide counter services. CUPW and the APWU share the same vision for expanding services and postal banking. What a great example of solidarity: a global response to a global attack!

Denis at APUW

National President Denis Lemelin

Save Canada Post