Charlemagne Council Starts to Feel the Residents's Discontent

During the last two weeks of June, Montreal Local members reached out to residents of Repentigny and Charlemagne who will have Community Mail Boxes installed on or near their property. Members knocked on more than 450 doors to provide residents with our campaign material and a survey prepared by the Montreal Local. In one question, the survey asks whether they had been consulted or even made aware that a CMB was to be installed on their property. More than 50% answered no. Residents were also invited to voice their discontent at the next city council meeting. Many residents responded to the invitation and attended the next Charlemagne city council meeting, held on July 2. The council, which had been reluctant to support the Save Canada Post campaign, is starting to feel the residents’ discontent. We could very well see a new resolution of support for our campaign on the agenda of the next Charlemagne city council meeting.

Save Canada Post