Halifax and Dartmouth: Lots of support from public and members

Saturday July 18 2015

Our 2nd day of meetings and rallies began after a lengthy ferry ride back from Newfoundland, where we had one pretty close shave early in the morning with a pair of moose on Hwy One who appeared to be so preoccupied with cuts to postal service, they failed to see us coming. We didn’t get  pictures, unfortunately, except for a few of our shocked communications  specialist, who was driving at the time.

Mike talking in Halifax

We paid a couple of visits to work floors in Halifax and Dartmouth in the morning and many CUPW members came out to talk to us. The boss tried to prevent us from speaking with workers on the shop floor by telling our members they couldn’t talk to us. But we marched right in and called their bluff! Unions have the right to walk on the shop floors and we won’t be intimidated by bully bosses.

Tony Rogers talking

In both Halifax and Dartmouth, members raised their concerns about the next round of bargaining, whether or not politicians would keep their word once elected and asked for clarification on the parties’ positions.  We made it clear, it’s not enough to just vote, we have to get mobilized everywhere to roll back these cuts and advance our agenda of better public services for all. Support from both our members and members of the public is very high. We had many people approach us while our RV was parked, including Janet Lee, who brought back an elderly neighbour of hers. 

Mike talking to the media in Dartmouth

Unfortunately, our plan to drive to New Glasgow was foiled by a mechanical error and we had to head straight to Moncton after a visit from the wonderful  repair team at the small family business AT Orange . I’d like to thank the Sisters and Brothers who came out to greet us today, and we hope to return to New Glasgow at a later date in the early fall.

Our next stop, Moncton Famers’ Market!

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