Our Work is Paying Off

Monday July 20 2015

From the start, we knew this was a long-term campaign. While our primary goal was to fight the cuts to postal services, another goal is to get rid of this Conservative government, which backs Canada Post’s less-for-more plan. 

Our many activities everywhere are now paying off, with just three months to go to the October 19 federal election. 

Below is an excerpt from the Ottawa Citizen’s top story on July 6. It shows how effective we’ve been in helping our allies make the public postal service an election issue. The public support is behind us, and the media know the issue – now to keep the pressure on to make sure people vote to stop the cuts! 

"Conservative-held ridings in the province are the most likely to be affected by the transition to the mailboxes and the end of home delivery in urban and suburban neighbourhoods, a Citizen analysis found. 

Of the 30 Ontario ridings where the door-to-door delivery ended last year, or is scheduled for transition this year, 24 (or 80 per cent) are currently represented by Conservative MPs, while the Liberals and NDP hold three each. Of the province’s 106 federal seats, 69 (or 65 per cent) are currently held by Conservatives. 

Paul Dewar, the NDP MP for Ottawa-Centre, says community mailboxes are the leading complaint he is hearing from constituents now that they are being installed in two neighbourhoods in his riding.” 

-“Tories most exposed to political fallout of community mailboxes in Ontario,” Ottawa Citizen, 6 July 2015

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