Postal workers looking out for your community

Thursday October 1 2015

Looking out for the community is another important reason we need to keep door-to-door mail delivery. Here is an example provided by Brother Luc Meloche, a letter carrier in Longueuil, Quebec:

“I was walking down the street doing my deliveries and was able to help a customer on my route who I found lying unconscious on the ground. We’re often in daily contact with our customers. Sometimes you notice mail piling up over three or four days. Or you ring the doorbell to see if everything’s okay. Now I know that customer has a health problem, so next time, I’ll be looking out for her.”

Filmmaker Kirby Hammond has also released “The Mail Lady”, a short film about Sister Susan Green, a letter carrier in Winnipeg, who looked after an elderly stroke victim while delivering her route. Locals are encouraged to hold screenings of this film – if you would like to do that, please contact the National Office.

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