Change in Work Methods for RSMCs

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Thursday April 30 2020

Canada Post has notified the Union that they are changing the work methods for RSMCs. In regard to Personal Contact Items (PCIs), CPC has decided that there will no longer be a 0.5 KM rule. CUPW had agreed to this as a temporary measure during the COVID-19 crisis as long as this is voluntary. It is their position that they do not need agreement from the Union.


For decades, if an RSMC had a PCI or a parcel that would not fit in a delivery receptacle, the RSMC had to attempt delivery to the door if the point of call was within 0.5 KM of the line of travel.

CPC now demands that RSMCs attempt delivery of these parcels, regardless of the travel distance and the time delivering the parcel will take.


The additional PCIs have to be entered on your log sheet or in your PDT, whichever you use. You will be compensated for this work after your annual inspection. Canada Post will pay the vehicle allowance and drive time but the RSMC must complete and submit a special voucher to receive this compensation.

As expected, Canada Post refuses to pay for all the additional time required in attempting these deliveries. Once again, CPC is exploiting the RSMCs, the majority of whom are women.

People across the country are thanking our members for working and delivering during this pandemic but CPC’s response is to further exploit RSMCs.


If you are an RSMC and find yourself in a situation where you would have to travel beyond 0.5 KM in order to deliver an item, here are your options:

Option 1 – If you deliver the item: 

  • Complete a special voucher for the drive time and vehicle allowance.

Option 2 – If you are overburdened, have important commitments or if you do not feel safe to deliver the item: 

  • Inform your Team Leader and ask for them to allow the item to be carded (the usual practice) or ask for them to find someone else to deliver the item. 
  • If your request is denied, contact your Local and file a grievance.


The Union’s National Office will continue with attempts to get Canada Post to make this change voluntary and going forward, to pay the RSMCs for all hours worked. However, at this time, it does not appear that they will be agreeable.

The struggle continues!

In Solidarity,

Carl Girouard
National Grievance Officer