Climate Crisis – Climate Strike

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Wednesday September 18 2019

Across the world, people are taking steps to reclaim our future and send us on a better path. It will require big changes. We honour the voices of young people, like Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg who launched climate strikes of students all over the world. Now the youth of the world are calling us to support international Climate Strike activities on September 27.  Slowly, a growing number of human beings all over Mother Earth are resetting humanity where happiness, fulfillment, equality, sustainability and dignity have greater value than the desires of the rich.

We are in crisis and face an uncertain future. Our planet is in bad shape. Climate change is changing everything we know. Postal workers now deliver under conditions of fire, hurricanes, tornados and floods. Climate scientists insist that big changes must take place immediately if we are to save our future and change the way we live and work. Why? Because we live in a destructive archaic economic system that rewards polluters.  It rewards the elite with short-term profits over the long-term welfare of human beings and all living things.

The same unsustainable system that creates climate injustice denies workers rights. It generates overwork and stress. In this capitalist system based on constant growth on a finite planet, the whims of large transnational corporations receive more importance. The rest of us are little more than an economic unit or commodity.

Youth call on us all to undertake a massive action. Around the world labour movements, students and community groups will march and hold rallies to pressure decision-makers to restrict global warming to 1.5 degrees.

CUPW has been demanding a green turn with a just transition. Delivering Community Power  ( is a vision for a modern sustainable post office that provides quality public services with good jobs in urban, rural and remote communities.

We hoped Canada Post would encourage and permit immediate workplace action. They declined.  Still, the hard work of activists like you and our allies in the environmental movement has led to a process which we hope will lead to long-term sustainable initiatives at Canada Post. 

Silence is no longer an option if we are to survive. CUPW is not presently in a legal strike position but there are still ways to get involved:  car pool, ride a bike, take public transit, plant trees, distribute copies of Delivering Community Power to your neighbour, instruct all political candidates to do something bold on climate. With your local, show up and support local rallies called for by young people from September 20th to the 27th in your community (you can find locations here: ).

Support the call of global youth on September 27th BELIEVE IT! We can create a future for people and living interconnected things. We need to change our society to one that respects workers, provides a decent workplace, and ensures a healthy Earth for future generations.

We are in a climate emergency. If we don’t deal with it, who will?

CUPW•STTP Global Climate Strike


Julee Sanderson
1st National Vice-President
Dave Bleakney
2nd National Vice-President