Community mailboxes threatening the privacy of Canadians, Canada Post must come clean

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Monday June 5 2017

Richmond, BC - The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is extremely worried about the number of thefts occurring at community mailboxes. Residents’ privacy and community safety should be a top priority. Canada Post has a duty to protect Canadians’ confidential information and must come clean on the extent of the theft problem

“Residents in Richmond, BC, have been affected by theft and vandalism to their community mail boxes. We know this is happening across the country, yet Canada Post refuses to come clean” said Mike Palecek, CUPW’s National President.

CUPW has sent a letter to the president of Canada Post Corporation demanding a full report on theft and vandalism to community mailboxes and the restoration of door

to door delivery, a more secure method.

“Since Canada Post first planned to replace door-to-door home delivery by installing community mailboxes, we warned that it would not only be a loss of precious public service needed for so many, but also that it would jeopardize the privacy and safety of Canadians. This is what’s happening now.” added Palecek.

CUPW is also waiting on the federal government to respect its electoral promise to restore door-to-door home delivery. A recent poll showed clearly that Canadians consider door-to-door mail delivery a hallmark of living in a developed country, and want the service back.



For more information, please contact Farouk Karim, CUPW Communications, at or 613-882-2742.