Community Mobilization

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Friday November 30 2018

After almost a year of negotiations, over 5 weeks of rotating strikes and the adoption of an unconstitutional law suspending negotiations there were some who thought the fight was over. WRONG! The ground has shifted, there is an updated playbook and there are some new players on the field.

This past week, supporters of free collective bargaining have been raising their voices in support of postal workers and decent working conditions. In Vancouver, Hamilton, Windsor, Whitehorse, Halifax and Edmonton protests have erupted at or near postal facilities. Voices have been raised and the message clearly heard that the government cannot sweep their latest attack on the rights of workers under the rug.

This weekend there are at least 19 more protests scheduled across the country.


Can you help us organize in one of these cities or elsewhere? Sign up here to volunteer.

Please pass on this information and attend if possible. CUPW will continue to fight for negotiated collective agreements and free collective bargaining.


Real Solutions to Real Problems.

In Solidarity,

George Floresco
3rd National Vice-President (2002-2019)
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