Contract Ratified by SQR Members

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Friday November 7 2014

Postal workers in the Canadian Postal Import Program (CPIP) have achieved a first collective agreement (CA) as CUPW members.

Congratulations to the unit members and our negotiators on making history - this is CUPW’s first collective agreement with a temporary employment agency, and as far as we know it may be the first under federal or provincial labour legislation.

The Adecco/SQR bargaining unit was established in 2012 following a lengthy organizing drive originating in 2005. CUPW began to negotiate with Adecco. Adecco is a temp agency contracted by Canada Post to process incoming international parcels.

Negotiations went on for over a year, during which Adecco created SQR, a subsidiary, to act as employer for this bargaining unit. Union and employer were in the formal conciliation process when we reached the agreement in October, which the bargaining unit ratified in votes last week.

The CA includes wage increases - of almost 20% for most of the members; seniority-based schedule bidding; protection from unfair discipline; Health and Safety committees and other provisions.

CPIP Members work in plants in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, alongside Public Service Alliance of Canada members employed by Canadian Border Services. For too long, our new members were not protected by any collective agreement.

We continue our push to organize the rest of the post and logistics sector in Canada, which will benefit us all as we grow.

In solidarity,
Cathy Kennedy
National Union representative - Grievances (2005-2019)