COVID-19 Health and Safety at Canada Post

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Questions about COVID-19?

Contact our COVID-19 National Response HQ

IMPORTANT: Please provide your name, local, job type and workplace location. Only questions about COVID-19 will be answered. Please contact your local for other issues.

CDC : Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Various Local Joint Health and Safety committees have created good initiatives to address the many facets of preventing contagion in the workplace. We’ll doing our best to amplify and spread these ideas, and working on more tools for the committees to share ideas and initiatives and push local management to adopt some better practices.

Canada Post management should be hearing from you and be pressured to address your concerns! Pressure in the workplace to get local management to act on your concerns can get real results and save lives. Some of the issues that members are raising in the workplace include cleaning staff and supplies, use of taxis, quarantine enforcement, leave and pay provisions for temps and OCREs, social distancing in interactions with the public, special child care needs, anxiety created by the situation, and more. Stand together and make your collective voice heard!

Quarantine Leave for Urban Postal Operations Members

Urban unit members may use clause 21.06 – Quarantine Leave

For more information please see:

Quarantine Leave for RSMC members

RSMC members can use clause 19.03 – Leave for Other Reasons

For more information please see:

Additional Updates for Members at Canada Post

  • April 15: It has come to our attention that some RSMCs are getting misleading direction from supervisors:

    For in-town packages that don’t fit in PO Boxes, there is an option for the RSMC to deliver these packages, in order to reduce the amount of contact with the public at the Post Office.

    Canada Post Corporation has been consistent and clear with CUPW that this is to be voluntary, for RSMCs who choose to take on delivering these packages and the increased exposure. It is very important to CUPW that you have the choice whether to take on any additional work.

    Some RSMCs have been instructed that they have to take out all such items for delivery. Let us know if this is happening to you and where – please advise your local through a health and safety representative or a steward.

  • On April 6, we confirmed a change in Canada Post Corporation’s (CPC) practice for:

    • Workers over 70,
    • Pregnant workers, and
    • Immune-suppressed/High-risk workers.

    All of the above will be on quarantine leave (which is at 100% of regular pay).

    Personal days used since the beginning of the crisis, by the workers above, will be restored to the members.

    In addition, Canada Post Corporation has confirmed that local management will now be authorized to make alternate delivery arrangements for admail. Workers in Group 2 and RSMCs will be able to alter their delivery of unaddressed admail [neighbourhood mail], limiting the exposure they have with the public and with various surfaces, based on discussions locally with their supervisors.

  • Thanks to pressure from locals and workfloors and work by regional and national offices, we know now that CPC has acquired additional Personal Protective Equipment for postal workers. There is a supply of sanitary wipes, gloves, and hand sanitizer on the way to installations, apparently to be sufficient for the coming months. Plexiglass has been procured to shield retail counters, and installation is underway in some regions. Keep standing together, your demands and actions make a difference. Please let us know if the supplies aren’t provided shortly to where they need to be or if there are other issues.
  • A new delivery process called ‘Knock, drop, and go’ was implemented Monday March 23, to enable better social distancing practice. Carriers will scan the item, knock on the door, safe drop and proceed on your route. Your local area management will have more detailed instructions.
  • With the exception of Proof of Age, Proof of Identity and Customs-Owing items, we will now deliver all items as addressed.
  • We reached an agreement on March 19 with Canada Post Corporation: members in Québec over age 70 will not be expected to report to work. Join us in pushing CPC to apply this measure throughout the country.
  • Effective March 17, Canada Post Corporation instructed many of its employees to work remotely. According to a March 16 memo, the instruction to work remotely does not apply to any CUPW members for the time being.

Canada Post COVID-19 Protocols

These protocols are also available on the employee section of



We are sharing the best available information we can find and updating it whenever possible, and without delay. Thus, while we are disseminating this information, please be aware that not everything we’re sharing here has been thoroughly vetted by the union, nor does it necessarily represent CUPW’s beliefs or positions.