CPC Management Prepared to Review Possible Scenarios Concerning Canada Post Pension Plan

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Thursday October 10 2013

Canada Post management has informed the Union that it is “prepared to meet and review all possible scenarios to resolve the matters related to the financial health of the pension plan.”

As you may recall, in my bulletin dated September 19, 2013, I mentioned that in early September, we met with Canada Post and we proposed to put in place a Working Committee to address the realities of the pension plan. We made this proposal because we believe that it is essential that postal workers are entitled to a secure pension during our retirement.

In recent weeks the leadership of the CUPW, including the CUPW representatives on the CPC Pension Advisory Council, has been meeting with our actuaries and pension experts to discuss the situation of the pension plan and will continue to discuss it on the National Executive Board.

As I mentioned in my bulletin of September 19th, we will continue to fight for a long‑term solution that will protect our pension plan. These discussions are important to each and every one of us. Stay informed. Additional information will be provided to you through bulletins and the CUPW website (www.cupw.ca) as it becomes available.

In solidarity,
Denis Lemelin
National President (2008-2015)