CPC Still Has “No Position” on RSMC Pay Equity Issues

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Tuesday June 19 2018

On May 31, 2018 we received the pay equity decision from Arbitrator Flynn. On the same day, Jessica McDonald, Chair of the Board of Directors and Interim President and CEO, issued a statement in which she promised that CPC was “committed to acting “swiftly and diligently” with CUPW to resolve the issues.

CUPW provided CPC with our position on every issue in dispute including how we should deal with the retroactive period and going forward in the future. Our approach was in line with the guidance provided in Arbitrator’s Flynn’s decision. For wages, we stated that the RSMC derived hourly rate should be increased to that of letter carriers. We proposed that  the time and compensation for variables be made pensionable. For benefits, we proposed a financial payment for the retroactive period and that RSMCs should receive the benefits going forward.

On June 15, 2018, two weeks after the award was issued, we met with CPC representatives to hear their position on all of the issues. We received nothing. CPC is not prepared to tell us what their position is on wages, variables or benefits. They are not even prepared to tell us when we will receive their positions on the issues. The only exception was the glove allowance. After much discussion the employer agreed that RSMCs should be entitled to the glove allowance but they were not sure how this compensation should be paid.


Pattern of Delay and Obstruction Continues

It is obvious that CPC is acting in the same manner as it did during the pay equity process where it did everything possible to delay the process. Despite Ms. McDonald’s commitment to work “swiftly and diligently”, it is clear that CPC’s strategy is to force all of the issues to arbitration and then delay that process as much as possible. This is the same approach that CPC took during our pay equity process and it is also exactly the same approach that CPC took with the PSAC pay equity complaint and is currently taking with the CPAA pay equity complaint.

The names of the top CPC leadership may change but the employer’s behaviour at the pay equity process shows absolutely no signs of changing in any way.


Arbitrator Flynn Returns As Mediator

In her decision Arbitrator Flynn offered to mediate if it was necessary to help the parties reach an agreement by August 31, 2018. The parties have agreed to involve Ms. Flynn as mediator and she will meet with the parties on June 26, 2018 to assist the parties.


Equality is Coming

We are determined to achieving full equality for RSMCs during the pay equity process and through our collective agreement negotiations. The arbitration award of Arbitrator Flynn was a major step forward but it is clear that CPC remains committed to delay, obstruct and deny RSMCs justice for as long as possible.


In Solidarity,

Members of the Pay Equity Committee,

Nancy Beauchamp
Pay Equity Committee Member
Barb McMillan
Pay Equity Committee Member
Cathy Kennedy
Pay Equity Committee Member