CUPW demands release of Canada Post's Postal Banking Study

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Tuesday July 19 2016

By email and mail

Deepak Chopra
President and Chief Executive Officer
Canada Post Corporation
2701 Riverside Drive, Suite N0060
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0B1

Dear Mr. Chopra:

As you are aware, Canada Post management has repeatedly raised the issue of cost at the bargaining table and in public statements in relation to this round of negotiations.

We too are aware that Canada Post needs to adjust its business model to ensure the long-term viability of our public postal service.  However, postal workers and management have two different visions of how this should be done. While we have put forward a vision of a sustainable, green post office and proposed new services that could bring in revenue, management has offered nothing but cuts to services for the public and attacks against our members.

For two years, we have requested an uncensored copy of Canada Post’s postal banking work.  We have raised this issue in writing, in public, at Canada Post’s annual public meetings, with members of parliament, with the media, with municipalities and every other avenue available to us.  Still, silence from Canada Post.

Given that your negotiators and spokespeople continue to raise the issue of cost, we demand you release this information immediately. We would particularly like to see your five-year financial projections for postal banking and the section titled “The Size of the Prize”.

Our members and the people of this country can have no confidence in a management team that keeps such vital information secret.  Canada Post is a crown corporation that belongs to ALL OF US.

You, Mr. Chopra, have no right to keep this information from the public.


Mike Palecek
National President


Justin Trudeau, Premier ministre du Canada / Prime Minister of Canada
Judy Foote, ministre des Services publics et de l’Approvisionnement / Minister of public services and Procurement