CUPW Members Welcome NDP’s Minimum Wage Raise Proposal

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Tuesday September 16 2014

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA - The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is applauding the NDP proposal to raise the minimum federal wage to $15 an hour. The union says the proposal is good news for CUPW members working on contract for Canada Post via hiring agencies for much lower wages.

“A $15/hour minimum wage would really help our private sector members who work for Adecco across the country,” said Cathy Kennedy, CUPW negotiator.

The CUPW is currently bargaining for a first collective agreement for Adecco workers in the Canada Customs section of postal processing plants in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

The company’s initial offer of a small increase over 3 years means that these workers would be earning an hourly wage of only $11.66 by 2017.

'We believe that a job in Canada should lift workers out of poverty, not keep them there. These workers are looking for a fair wage, which is something that every Canadian worker should have,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy points out that Adecco workers are doing the same work as other CUPW members earning between $19.38 and $25.95.

“We’ve applied for conciliation because the $11 offer is so insulting,” said Kennedy. “A minimum federal wage of $15 means workers would not be put in this position in the future.”

Adecco workers are currently voting on a strike this fall.


For more information, please contact Cathy Kennedy, Chief Negotiator, Adecco negotiations, at 613-314-4588.