CUPW - National Grievance File - N00-03-00004

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Grievance File Number: 
Collective Agreement: 
Urban Postal Operations (2003)
Relevant Articles: 
Appendix V, 17
Date referred: 
Friday June 11 2004
Swan, K.


The Canadian Union of Postal Workers grieves that the Corporation has violated Article 17, Appendix "V" and other articles and appendices of the Collective Agreement in that it has implemented a policy, which provides that the payment identified in Appendix "V-3" will not be paid when an uncovered route is covered pursuant to the provisions of clauses 17.04 and 17.05.

Corrective Steps Requested

That the Corporation's policy be rescinded, that over assessment payments be made to the volunteer(s) who cover an uncovered route, and that other appropriate remedies be granted.