CUPW will deliver pension and social assistance cheques

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Thursday March 24 2011
Negotiations Bulletin no. 29

Our public post office is responsible for distributing government cheques that are a fundamental part of what we call the social safety net.  The CUPW does not want to see pensioners and people with low income suffer in the event that the union is forced to strike.  After all, any dispute over contract issues should be directed at Canada Post, not the most vulnerable members of society.

The union has therefore negotiated an agreement with Canada Post to distribute pension and social assistance cheques in the event of a work disruption.

The agreement is virtually identical to the agreement used in 1997 and the agreement negotiated but not used in 2003.


Highlights of agreement

  • There would be up to two national days of delivery each month.

  • Your local would recruit volunteers  as required. 

  • As in 1997, volunteers would receive a $50.00 honorarium. Legal experts have advised us that the honorarium may be necessary to protect members who file workers' compensation claims.

Members who sort or deliver cheques while their local is on strike would be considered to be on strike and therefore be able to use these days to qualify for strike pay.

In the event that a strike sets the cheque delivery agreement in motion, please consider donating any honorarium to charity. CUPW does not deliver government cheques during work disruptions for the money.

In solidarity,

Bulletin no.: 2008-2011/389

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Denis Lemelin
National President and Chief Negotiator