Dangerous Mailboxes in Orleans: Gravel Not Removed From Winter Creates Slip and Fall Hazard - Union

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Wednesday June 1 2016

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA- For several months now, postal workers have been sounding the alarm about slippery gravel scattered by a Canada Post contractor around Orleans mailboxes and they’re not getting any answers, either from Canada Post or from Labour Canada.

“Our joint health and safety committee has been investigating, taking photographs and trying to get something done for two or three months now,” said Ian Anderson, president of the Ottawa Local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

The gravel, which was put there during the winter, should have been cleaned up after the spring thaw. Anderson says that the lack of action from Canada Post has led to health and safety committee members resigning in frustration.

“Slip hazards around mailboxes are an issue not just for us, but for everybody in Orleans who has to use these boxes,” said Anderson. “And I’m sure that this problem is not unique to Orleans.”

“It’s already a battle to get Canada Post to clear the snow and ice from around its existing boxes in the winter months. They don’t take care of the boxes they already have. Now they’re failing to clean the mess that is left over from the winter. If Canada Post gets its way and eliminates door-to-door delivery, we are all going to be at risk,” added Anderson.

On May 25th, the union local contacted Labour Canada, which promised an inspection but never delivered. Calls from the union to the Labour Canada representatives subsequently went unanswered, Anderson said.

Pictures of the mailboxes show tiny gravel stones loosely scattered around the concrete paving in front of the mailbox. Anderson pointed out that the patio-style, concrete blocks are also broken and uneven.

“It shouldn’t take somebody getting injured to resolve hazardous mailbox issues. Canada Post needs to be proactive not reactive when it comes to the safety of its workforce and the public,” said Anderson.


 For more information, contact Ian Anderson at 613-739-8051.