Deepak Chopra’s Departure Is An Opportunity For A New Direction For Canada Post

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Tuesday August 15 2017

The announcement of the head of Canada Post to leave his position by March 2018 is an opportunity for a new chapter for Canada Post after years of turbulence.

Under Mr. Chopra’s leadership, hundreds of thousands of people saw an end to door-to door postal delivery. Chopra’s disastrous program of cuts provoked an angry backlash from a country that cherishes its postal services. Postal workers rights were violated with unconstitutional legislation from the Harper government, and Canada Post management took full advantage to push an agenda of cuts to wages, benefits and working conditions.

In short, Mr. Chopra leaves a legacy of failed cuts.

Whether a change in the name on the door leads to a change in direction remains to be seen.

Canada Post could have a bright future, if there is a management team that is committed to building new services. Restoring Canada’s postal bank should be a top priority. The big banks have been gouging working class people for far too long. It is time for a public option. Canada Post could leverage its network to provide new services at the door, like senior’s check-in service and grocery delivery. Canada Post’s infrastructure could be used to lead the way to a green economy, installing charging stations and replacing its aging vehicle fleet with electric vehicles. Canada Post could help deliver broad-band services to rural communities.

The possibilities are limitless.

Mr. Chopra’s departure presents a chance to change the direction of the corporation. We sincerely hope this opportunity is not wasted.

Mike Palecek
National President (2015-2019)